2014                            MFA, Modern Dance, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT       
2006                            BS, African Diaspora Studies, City University of New York, New York, NY


2014                            Sally Fitt Award
2011 – 2014                Graduate Assistantship, Dept. of Dance, University of Utah                                    
2012 – 2013                University Teaching Assistantship (UTA), University of Utah      
2005 – 2006                Diego Hidalgo Arts Scholarship, CUNY BA
2004 – 2006                Thomas Smith Academic Scholarship, CUNY BA


Oberlin College

Assistant Professor of Dance 2015-Present

Courses: Samba, Choreography, Contemporary Dance Technique II, Contemporary Dance Technique III

Oberlin Dance Company, Contemporary Global Dance – Global South, Cross-Cultural Improvisation, Immersive Dance Theater

Westminster College

Instructor 2014-2015

Beginning Movement, theater majors

Salt Lake Community College

Guest Lecturer 2014-2015

Dance in Culture, Senegalese Dance

The University of Utah

Graduate Teaching Assistant 2011-2014

Afro-Caribbean Dance Technique, open level class 

The African Roots of Ballroom Dance, hybrid seminar and studio

Intermediate Modern Dance Technique, dance minors

Dance Composition, non-majors 

Dance in Culture, hybrid lecture and studio

Dance History, dance majors 

Movement in Culture, dance majors

Creative Process, non-majors 

Guest Instruction and Lectures

Substitute Instructor, Freshman Modern Technique, numerous classes (2012-2014)

Guest Lecturer, Dance in Culture & Movement in Culture, “Senegalese Dance: Tradition, Continuity & Contemporary Views” (October 2013)

Guest Artist,Dance in Culture, Senegalese Sabar/Mbalax Technique (October 2013)

Guest Artist,Freshman Technique, Afro-Cuban Orisha Technique (October 2013)

Guest Lecturer,The African American Experience Through Dance, “Primus and Dunham” (2013)


August 2015 - Present


June 16         Guest Performer, Soga Dorr, Djapo Cultural Institute Juneteenth concert, The Breen Center,                       Cleveland, OH

June 7-9        Director & Performer, Forgone Territory, ensemble dance-theater with Nathan Trice 35 min,

                      DanceWorks, Cleveland Public Theater, Cleveland, OH

May 9            Choreographer & Performer, What is Private?work in-progress showing 10 min,                                          Birenbaum, Oberlin College, OH

Dec. 3            Choreographer,Limbo (restaging) large ensemble, 6 min, 

                      Choreographer, Such is Me (restaging) large ensemble 6 min, Samba large ensemble 11min

Sept. 10         Performer, Brazil Day, solo samba performance, Batuqui, Cleveland, OH

Aug. 17-20   Writer, Co-director & Choreographer, Those With Wings,  12 performers, 1 hour immersive

                      dance theater production, Bend in The River, Salt Lake City, UT 


Numerous    Choreographer & Performer, Time Certainties Peace, collaborative duet with Mustapha

                       Braimah 11min, Warner GymnasiumNov. 7 OHIO Dance Festival, April 29, 2017 World                              Dance Alliance Global Summit, Canada July 25, 2017.

June 11          Performer, Samba Joia, solo samba performance, Firelands College, Huron, OH

April 29         Choreographer, Samba, Big Parade, Oberlin Ohio

April 6-8       Choreographer & Performer, River that Never Rests,Spring Back Concert Warner

Sept. 17          Director & Performer, Interplay, FireFish Festival, Lorain, Ohio


April 29-30    Choreographer & Director, Terra Incognita, Oberlin Dance Company, large ensemble,                                 evening-length, Hall Auditorium.

April 7-9        Choreographer,But a Drop, large ensemble, 8min, Warner Gymnasium

Nov. 13-14      Choreographer,Violets like Castanets,large ensemble, 7min Warner Gymnasium

Oct. 21-30      Co-director & Choreographer, The Mists, 60 performers, 3 hours immersive dance theater 

                        production, Red Butte Gardens, Salt Lake City, Utah. 


Book Chapter:“The Mists” co-authored with Liz Ivkovich, Immersive Theatre: Engaging the Audience (vol.1) edited by Josh Machamer. Common Ground Publishing, Champaign, IL. (Under contract)


2014    Evolving Traditions and Invented Communities in African Dance, an ethnographic study of                       African dance in America, World Dance Alliance Annual Summit, Angers, France, Paper                           Presentation
2014    Embodying Eclecticism, from potential to actualization, MFA thesis


2018     Awarded: Mellon Grant for Music in the Liberal Arts Curriculum

2017     Applied: Individual Artist Grant, Ohio Arts Council 

             Awarded: Grant-in-Aid Oberlin Collegefor DanceWorks production at Cleveland Public Theater

             Awarded: Arts, Culture, & Events Grantfrom the City of Salt Lakefor Those With Wings

             Awarded: Jordan River Commission Grantfor Those With Wings

             Awarded: Utah Humanities Councilfor Those With Wings

             Awarded: Level 1 Curriculum Development GrantMellon, AMAM, Oberlin College

2016     Awarded: Oberlin College Powers Travel Grant, Rio de Janeiro & Petropolis, Brazil 

             Awarded: Oberlin College Teaching Grant, California Brazil Camp

2015     Awarded: Utah Division of Arts and Museums Project Grant, The Mists, IRIA Productions 

             Awarded: Salt Lake City Arts Council Grant, Volta Miuda Capoeira Kids Scholarship Program

2011     Awarded, Bronx Arts Council grant, “Art for All” project, INSPIRIT, a dance company

2007     Awarded, Fund for Creative Communities Grant, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, for new                   choreographic work “Becoming the Path”

2005      Awarded, Fund for New Work Grant, Aaron Davis Hall, for new solo work “From Here to                         Africa and Back”

              Awarded, Space Grant, the Field, for creation of new work “Tales from the Crossroads” 

2005 - 2010  Awarded, Empire State Arts Partnership Grant for residency with PS 24Q & CREATE! New                York State Council on the Arts


12/15/17      Adjudicator, Akron School of the Arts, choreography competition, Akron, OH

9/11/17        Guest Artist, Hathaway Brown School, young choreographer’s workshop, Cleveland, OH     4/29/17        Guest Artist, OHIO Dance Festival, contemporary masterclass, Columbus, Ohio 

2/25/17        Guest Professor, Ohio 5 Dance Conference, samba masterclass, Ohio Wesleyen

11/14/16      Guest Artist, Carioca Capoeira, samba masterclass, Columbus Ohio

2/20/16        Guest Professor, Ohio 5 Dance Conference, contemporary dance masterclass, Dennison


2011              Instructor INSPIRIT, Dancing into the Future, pre-professional choreography residency,

                      Brooklyn Academy of Music, Brooklyn, NY

2009 - 2011  Instructor, INSPIRIT, a dance company, master classes on Liquid Strength Modern Dance                           Technique, University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS  (February 2010)                                         Middlebury College, Middlebury, VT (October 2009) Kaatsbaan International Dance Center                       Tivoli, NY (April 2009) Instructor, INSPIRIT, a dance company, “African American Social                           Dances,” Middlebury College, Middlebury, VT (October 2009)

2004              Instructor, Mezclado Movement Group, masterclasses, mixed modern/world fusion 

                     dance technique, Casa del Caribe del Estado de Aragua, Maracay, Venezuela (March 2004)

2004              Rehearsal Director/Choreographer’s Assistant, Gabri Christa, Manhattanville College

1999-2002    Assistant, Gabri Christa, contemporary Caribbean dance technique & repertoire, Abizaid 

                      Arts, NYC (1998-1999), Dance Forum, NYC (1999-2000), Dance Space Center (1999),                                 Suriname, S.A. (2002), Curacao, Dutch Antilles (1999), Aruba International Dance Festival 

2002              Instructor, Teatro Galla, community contact improvisation workshop, Havana, Cuba 

1999              Instructor, dance improvisation workshop, Goddard College, VT


* venues listed are premiere or major venue

2015    Choreographer & Dancer, “Hunger Thump,” duet, Mudson at The Masonic Temple, SLC, UT

2015    Dancer, “Witch Dance II,” choreographer, Ashley Anderson, small ensemble, Memorial House,                  SLC, UT

2014    Dancer, “Witch Dance I,” choreographer, Ashley Anderson, duet, Mudson at The Masonic                         Temple, SLC, UT

2013    Dancer, “Dead Dog Song,” choreographer, Ashley Anderson, quintet, Arts & Culture 

            Series, The Ladies Literary Club, SLC, UT

2012    Dancer, “Wasalanka,” choreographer, Rosie Banchero, The Leo Museum, SLC, UT

2011    Performer, “Bolero,” choreographer/director, Larry Keigwin, Central Park Summerstage, NY

2011    Performer, “One’s Trilogy,” choreographer/director, Nathan Trice, quartet, Kumble 

            Theater Brooklyn, NY

2011    Choreographer & Dancer, “Diablo Mambo,” sextet, 20 min., The Cuban Cowboys, BAM Café                     Brooklyn, NY

2011    Choreographer, “The Symphonic Dances of West Side Story” large ensemble, 30 min., 

            School Days Concert Series with the Brooklyn Philharmonic Orchestra,Brooklyn Center for 

            the Performing Arts, Brooklyn, NY

2011    Choreographer & Dancer, “Sabar for Satie,” solo, 3 min., Fieldwork, The FAR Space, NY, NY

2010    Choreographer & Dancer, “NewBorn.” solo, 10 minutes, original composition & live music by 

            W Myles Reilly, Alone Together, Brooklyn Lyceum, Brooklyn, NY

2009    Dancer, “Kekene III La Chasse,” choreographer, Vado Diomonde, large ensemble, The Miller 

            Theater, NY, NY

2007    Choreographer, “Invitation to a Tango,” large ensemble, 8 min., School Days Concert Series with 

            the Brooklyn Philharmonic Orchestra,Brooklyn Academy of Music, Brooklyn, NY

2007    Dancer & Singer, “Frederick Douglas Landing,” choreographer, Edisa Weeks, small ensemble, 

            Borough of Manhattan Community College, NY

2006    Dancer, “Struggles with Words, Attitudes and Great Expectations,” choreographer 

            Chrystaline Wright Dancespace Project at St. Mark’s Church 

2005    Dancer, Youssou N’dour, Thiossane Nightclub, Dakar, Senegal

2004    Dancer, “Tribute to Hines, Cash & Cruz,” choreographer, Alberto Denis, large ensemble, Food 

            for Thought, Dancespace Project at St. Mark’s Church, NY, NY

2002    Dancer, “Rouge,” choreographer, Amy Goodheart, Marc Jacobs Holiday Party, Capitolio, NY

2001    Dancer, “La Degradation Des Droits Civiques/Zero Tolerance,” choreographer Niles Ford, large               ensemble, PS 122

2000    Director, choreographer & dancer, “No Visible Signs of Damage,” dance film short, Goddard 


2000    Dancer, “Steeledance,” choreographer, Oliver Steele, First Annual Jazz Festival, Symphony 

            Space, NY, NY

2000    Choreographer & Dancer, “Categorical Captivity,” duet, 6 min., Grrrls on Guard, ABC NO RIO 

             Benefit Concert, Surf Reality, NY, NY

2000    Choreographer, Director, Dancer & Media, “Correct Me If I Am Wrong,” 8 performers, 60 

            min. Surf Reality, New York, NY


Dancer and guest choreographer.  

Drawing on rich Afro-Brazilian traditions and mythology, Samba Fogo Music and Dance Company fuses live Afro-Brazilian music and dance with contemporary dance, martial arts, and fire dancing, creating an exciting and culturally rich choreographic style. Directed by Lorin Hanson.

2015    Dancer, Fogo Divino, 30 Performers, 75 min, The Jeanne Wagner Theater, SLC, UT

2015    Choreographer “Duas Aguas”, 6 dancers, The Jeanne Wagner Theater, SLC, UT

2015    Dancer & contestant, Annual Samba Queen Competition, DF Dance Studio, SLC, UT

2014    Dancer Axé35 performers, 65 min., The Jeanne Wagner Theater, SLC, UT


Artistic Director, choreographer and dancer for a collaborative dance company that brought together dancers from the Mambo/Ballroom, Afro-Cuban, West African and Hip Hop traditions to celebrate collective human heritage through dances, rhythms and stories from around the globe. 

2007    “Becoming the Path,” 10 dancers, 50 min., The Linhart Theatre, NY, NY

2006    “Las Muesas,” quartet, 45 min., The Cuban Cowboys at Celebrate Brooklyn, Prospect Park 

             Bandshell Brooklyn, NY

2006    “From Here to Africa and Back,” solo, 6 min.E-moves,Aaron Davis 

               Hall NY, NY

2006    “Sabar,” collaboration with Sing Sing Rhythms, 7 dancers & drummers, 15 min. School Day 

             Series, Aaron Davis Hall, NY, NY

2006    “Tales from the Crossroads,” sextet, 30 min., Cunningham Theater, NY, NY

2006      “Las Sirenas,” quintet, 4 min., DUMBO Dance Festival, Brooklyn, NY

2004      “The Special Period,” duet, 5 min., RAW Moves, Dance Space Center, NY, NY

2004      “Agarrame,” quintet, 6 min., E-moves,Aaron Davis Hall, NY, NY

2003      “Sketches in Transit…Going Away,” quintet, 25 min. Rumbo el Festival Nacionale del Estado de                 Aragua, Maracay, Venezuela

2003      “Nobody Told Her,” trio, 5 min., Works in Progress, Dance Space Center, NY, NY

2003      “Echando Agua” duet/quartet (two versions), 7 min., Food for Thought, Dance Space Project at                   St. Mark’s Church, NY, NY


Dancer & Conductor. Burnt Sugar/Danz, draws upon the cream of NY music, choreographic and dance-performance talent to create innovative, never-before-seen works, live, and in real time. Adapting Butch Morris’ baton gestures and hand-sign vocabulary to conduct dance improvisation, Burnt Sugar/Danz presents an alchemical blend of spontaneously composed music and choreography. Directed by, Gabri Christa and Greg Tate.

2011    Dancer, “R-glitch,” large ensemble, Lincoln Center Out of Doors, Damrosch Park Bandshell, NY

2010    Dancer & Conductor, “Burnt Sugar/Danz,” large ensemble, Baryshnikov Art Center, NY, NY

2008    Dancer, “Dance Conduction,” large ensemble, Baryshnikov Art Center, NY, NY

2007    Dancer, “Dance Conduction Continuum with Danzaisa and Burnt Sugar,”Symphony Space, NY

2005    Dancer, “Burnt Sugar/Danz,” quartet, Central Park Summerstage, NY, NY

2002    Dancer, “The Rites,” large ensemble, Central Park Summerstage, NY, NY


Dancer, development liaison, and teaching artist.

Dance company cooperative whose mission includes providing a forum for collaboration among female artists and choreographers, promoting public appreciation of contemporary dance works, educating the general public about dance by sponsoring affordable and accessible performances in community based venues, encouraging interest in dance among youth through outreach and within public schools, developing the technical abilities and overall talent of young and unrecognized artist of all genres, races, and gender. Artistic director, Christal Brown.

2011    Dancer, “Say It Loud,” large ensemble, Thelma Hill,The Kumble Theater, Brooklyn, NY

            Dancer, “Past Her Rites,” small ensemble, Made in the Bronx, BAAD, Bronx, NY

2010    Dancer, “Conjuring Kali,” large ensemble, INSPIRIT Dance, Theater at the University of 

            Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS

2009    Dancer, “Until Fruition,” trio, Best of the Bronx,Riverside Y, Bronx, NY

            Dancer, “Solitary Refinement,” solo, INSPIRIT DANCE, Middlebury College, Middlebury, VT

            Dancer, “Take Past Black,” small ensemble, Philly Fringe Festival, The Painted Bride Theater, 

             Philadelphia, PA

            Dance & Choreography, “On The Stand,” collaboration with poet Americo Casiano, Uprose,

            Brooklyn, NY

            Dancer, “Dreams and Visions,” small ensemble, Kaatsbaan Int.  Dance Center, Tivoli, NY

            Dancer, “The Mocking,” small ensemble, The Big Read, Pregones Theater, Bronx, NY


Dancer and rehearsal director

Danzaisa is a not for profit 501c(3) Film and Performance company founded by Gabri Christa Danza stands for 'dance' in Spanish and Isa is Surinamese for: 'she who unites through music and dance'.  Artistic Director & Choreographer,Gabri Christa.

2008    Rehearsal Director & Production Assistant, “Savoneta,” dance film directed by Gabri Christa

2006    Dance & Choreography, “Oblivion,” collaborative duet with Nathan Trice, directed by Gabri 

            Christa, Staten Island International Dance Festival, College of Staten Island, Staten Island, NY

2004    Dance & Choreography, “Dominata,” large ensemble, Dance Theater Workshop, NY, NY

2002    Dancer, “The Winti Project,” small ensemble, Paramaribo, Suriname, S.A.

            Dancer, “Ye Ye,” small ensemble, The Egg Theater, Albany, NY

2001    Dancer, “Break In/Break Out,” solo, Dance Forum, NY, NY

2000    Dancer, “High School,” dance film, directed & choreographed by Gabri Christa, Dance on 

            Camera Festival Lincoln Center, ABC TV Award

            Dancer, “All Rituals One Path,” small ensemble, Snug Harbor, SI & Caribbean touring

1999    Dancer, “Sounds of Clapping Laughter,” small ensemble, Lukosimad, Dance Theater Workshop, 


2013     Choreographer & dancer, “Grapefruit & Honey,” quartet, 10 min., Graduate Thesis Concert,                        Marriot Center for Dance

2013     Dancer, “Gravitate,” choreographer, John Allen, duet, Performing Dance Company 

             (PDC) Concert, Then & Now, Marriot Center for Dance

2012      Dancer, “The Rolling Main,” choreographer, Jamie Meyers, small ensemble, Graduate Thesis                   Concert, Marriot Center for Dance.

2012    Director, “The Conductor’s Dance,” documentary short, University of Utah, SLC, UT

2012    Director, “Dance Sessions,” dance film short, University of Utah, SLC, UT

2012    Choreographer, “Music’s Dreams of Us,” trio, 7 min., collaboration with composer Garret 

            Christian, The Composers Collective, Libby Gardner Hall


2016-2018    Samba & Candomblé Orixa dances, Jorge Alabe

2014-2015    Capoeira, Volta Miuda, Mestre Jamaika

2014-2015    Samba & Afro-Brazilian Dance, Samba Fogo, Lorin Hanson

2013              Salt Dance Festival, “Ineffable, Intangible, Sensational” with Miguel Gutierrez and “A.I.M.                         Repertory” with Kyle Abraham, Salt Lake City, UT

1998-2011    Modern/Contemporary, selected instructors, Nathan Trice, Gabri Christa, Nia Love, Ron 

                      K. Brown, Jeannine Durning and Oliver & Teri Steele, numerous locations, NYC, NY

2002-2008    West African, instructors, Mouminatou Camara, Maguette Camara and Mamasatta 

                      Camara (Djembe), Babacar M’baye, Lamine Thiam and Rich Faye (Sabar) Djoniba Dance 

                      and Drum Centre, NY, NY

2002- 2008   Afro-Caribbean & Samba, instructors, Richard Gonzalez, Quenia Ribero and Felix “Pupy”                         Insua, Djoniba Dance and Drum Centre, NY, NY

2002- 2008   Ballroom & Latin, various instructors, DanceSport, NY, NY

2005              Sabar & Mbalax, M’baye gewel family and The National Ballet of Senegal, Dakar, Senegal

2004              Afro-Venezuelan, cultural exchange, Casa del Caribe del Estado de Aragua, Maracay, 


2002              Orisha, Afro-Cuban Folkloric Dance, Danza Contemporanea Community School, 

                      Havana, Cuba

2002              La Tecnica Cubana, Cuban Modern dance, Danzabierta, Marianela Boan & Danza                                     Contemporanea de Cuba, Miguel Iglesias, Havana, Cuba

1999-2002    Gyrotonics, Sal Anthony’s Movement Salon, NY, NY


2017-2018    Equity and Diversity Committee,

                      Subcommittee: Compliance analysis and planning


2017-2018    Assemblies Committee Meeting,    


2016-2018     Individual Major Committee,


2016              Moderator, Society of Dance History Scholars Conference panels Pomona College, CA
2009-2010    Panelist, Individual and Community Re-grants, Brooklyn Arts Council, Brooklyn, NY
2005              Panelist, Curatorial panel, RAW Moves, Dance New Amsterdam, NY, NY


2010            Participant, Development Without Limits, Resources for Youth Professionals,  NY, NY

2001-2010  Annual Participation, Face to Face Conference, New York City Arts and Education                                     Roundtable, NY, NY

2009            Participant, Building Better Fundraising Boards, The Foundation Center, NY, NY

2007-2009  Empire State Partnerships Summer Seminar, New York State Council on the Arts

                    Brookville, NY

2005            Participant, Management Nuts and Bolts, The Field, NY, NY

2004            Participant, Not for Profit Organization Models Workshop, Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts,                       Brooklyn, NY


2014 - 2015  Dance Teacher, Salt Lake City Community Montessori, elementary & middle school

                      Movement Specialist, Dancing Moose Montessori, pre-k – grade 3

1999-2011    Lead Teaching Artist, CREATE!, Dance Residencies in World Dance, Folk Dances from 

                      Around the World, Ballroom Dance, American Musical Theater, Creative Movement, 

                      Contemporary Dance & customized curricula.  Schools throughout NYC.  Grades k-12.

2009-2011    Teaching Artist, INSPIRIT, a dance company, Dance Residencies in Liquid Strength 

                      technique, Project: BECOMING for Teen girls, Dancing into the Future, Choreography & 

                      African Dance at The Brooklyn Friends School, MS 267 and the Brooklyn Academy of 

                      Music. Grades 6-12.  

2009-2011    Teaching Artist, Arts Connection, Creative Dance, Ballroom & Latin Dance, West 

                      African and Bollywood at public schools throughout NYC. Grades 3-9.

2006-2011    Teaching Artist, Brooklyn Arts Council, Latin, Creative and Afro-Caribbean Dance. Schools                       throughout Brooklyn.  Grades k-9

2006-2008    Teaching Artist, Education in Dance, Residencies and workshops in Creative Dance and 

                      Integrated Arts Curriculum.  Schools throughout NYC.  Grades pre-school-3

2005 – 2003  Dance Teacher, West Side YMCA, PS 166 Dance After-schooland Summer Day Camp Ages                        5-12. NYC


2013 – 2012    Writer, Departmental Newsletter & Blog, University of Utah, SLC, UT                       
2012 – 2011    Intern, (booking, marketing & educational outreach) Performing Dance Company,                                       University of Utah, SLC, UT
2011 – 2009    Development Liaison & Grant Writer, INSPIRIT, a dance company, Bronx, NY.
2011 – 1999    Lead Teaching Artist & Program Manager, CREATE!, Brooklyn, NY
2007 – 2005    Receptionist & Administrative Assistant, Djoniba Dance & Drum Centre, New York, NY

Warner Center 106

30 N. Professor St. 
Oberlin, OH 44074, USA


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