As an artist, I seek a new and unique dance language that allows me to forge connections among people and physical space while harnessing the power of the unfamiliar to transcend limitations and awaken new possibilities.

My choreographic process involves applying the creative tools and philosophical framework of modern dance to an eclectic movement language generated through collaboration.  Each work becomes a journey of discovery, investigating cultural dance idioms and placing them in dialogue with one another.  I draw on the movement vocabularies of multiple dance styles and practices in examining existing stereotypes, the persistence of historic oppressions and the impermanence of global trends.

Inspired by myths, symbols, paradoxes and the ways in which consciousness departs from identity, my work attempts to negotiate within the dancing body the tensions between cultural identities and self-fashioning, the intersections of traditional forms and contemporary approaches, the places where high and low art meet, and the interrelationships among people there. By incorporating eclectic source materials from other cultures, physical disciplines and time periods, I am able to spark new conceptions and resist dominant ideologies. Interweaving these disparate strands results in sinuous and vital landscapes encompassing vast, ever shifting terrain.

A particular source of inspiration is dance of the African diaspora due to its long history of resilience. Reflecting on African dance’s relationship between aesthetic adaptations and socio-political upheaval is a frequent point of departure when beginning new work.

My vision is to compose contemporary choreographies inclusive of different worlds of dance, yet still driven by individual artistic expression.  


Warner Center 106

30 N. Professor St. 
Oberlin, OH 44074, USA


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